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2017 Greetings

Hi There, It was a very busy final week of 2016, with over $14,500,000 in unconditional sales being successfully transacted. It was a pleasure to finalise the sales of 48 Clifton Road, 27 Hauraki Road and 16 Audrey Road Takapuna. The start to the new year has been very active with plenty of new appraisals (seaward side Milford, lakefront Takapuna, seaward side Takapuna) and I’m pleased to report, the sale of without a doubt, one of Stanley Point's most sublime properties (pictured below - sold prior to marketing). I have four new listings coming to the market after Waitangi weekend,

with a steady stream of properties to follow. With a total of $106,000,000 in sales last year, I would like to thank my Vendors and Purchasers of these fine properties and look forward to dealing with you all again soon. If you have anyone you know looking to buy or sell in the Milford / Takapuna area, please pass on their details, it would be a pleasure to assist. Hope you have a great 2017 year. With all that’s happening around the World, I think New Zealand could have a very positive year. We do live and work in paradise, let’s remember that, cherish and look after it. If you’re out and about, please feel free to stop and say Hi! Cheers, Andrew.

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